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Download torrent fast with Streamyx

How to download torrent fast with Streamyx? Streamyx is the No.1 internet service provider (ISP) in our country. But few years ago streamyx in certain area has blocked their users from download the torrent heavily. For your information, some areas still work and getting full speed downloading torrent. I firstly surprised why my utorrent get only 1kbps but my friends in other state said he’s ok using streamyx to get tons of torrent stuffs. I also tested Unfi in my area, same blocked. No point applying Unifi can goes heavy download activities. I then found a solution, but have to pay extra.

Download torrent faster with Streamyx

1. WorldVPN

I like to use WorldVPN for sometime, because it still has bandwidth limit for each package you subscribed. But it’s worth when you just want to get something someday. It’s worth too if you are not a daily heavy torrent downloader, 84USD per year for 20GB monthly bandwidth is more than enough for me. I don’t prefer torrents if my stuffs are available on filesonic, fileserve or rapidshare.

2. BolehVPN

This service provided by a local company. I like most their support. They are very helpful although they may not yet wake up in the early morning (my exp). They are not 24/7 ready for it but you should always be ok with their service. I unlike their software, it work but lack of UI design. But the speed is amazing, I would like to rate 4 out of 5 stars to BolehVPN.

For newbie, never wait if your download speed is around 5kpbs with torrent. That’s only RM5 if you use BolehVPN for 3 days. that’s my sharing, it definitely help I guarantee!

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