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Check PTPTN loan balance & blacklist borrowers list via SMS

Looking for Check PTPTN loan balance & blacklist borrowers list via SMS? For PTPTN loan borrowers, you may now check PTPTN loan balances & Blacklist Borrowers list at faster way using mobile phone anywhere by SMS.

You can also check online at PTPTN official website but I found that using SMS to check is more convince although some charges may apply. 

Below are the examples of how to use SMS to check PTPTN loan account:

Loan Balance:
Example: PTPTN PINJAM 880512019989 123456 OR PTPTN PINJAM RF123456 987654

Blacklist Borrowers:

Are you blacklisted to travel overseas due to late payment of PTPTN loan? Come on don’t be like the assholes out there who rob PTPTN money for study but avoid to pay back, rather get a new car.

Make sure your payments are paid on time for PTPTN loan to avoid your name being listed into Immigration Department’s blacklist database, which will forbid you from travelling to overseas.

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