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Celcom website hacked

Celcom website was hacked. Their site security was tested by hacker named themselves as Bl4ckm4gicx. Yesterday I personally experience the ‘down’ using celcom customer self care. After l logged in, I cannot perform any action, then been redirect to out log.


Yesterday reported by Newbie3viLc063s, which is the main group of the hacker Bl4ckm4gicx, celcom website was interrupted.

They released few column of data of celcom to proof that the site security is not well encrypted.

Celcom website

More :

Table TOS

0195486723 3412321312 Harry 899090766545 111111111111 222222222222222 Man Kim Transferee Agree PROCESS 220910 05:43:46 AM Transferee Agree Transferee Agree Transferor Agree 5555 455555 222222222222

0124322434 A34567 Batman 678905463231 A45667903 S23456 GNE 770988064567 AM Name CLOSE 2210910 05:43:46 AM – – Transferee Agree Transferor Agree ttt67888 A34567

0292939392 sdfa 4234 chipkim 534342323423 casd5243 dfas3424 Ali 777899454332 New 2010-09-22 00:00:00 Transferee Agree Transferor Agree 423423 sdasd sda sdad

TABLE (compro)

Studio KRU gaets Master p48 bb torch 24 000000000 01345677648 person1 pp1 111111111111 11 bb1

TABLE (emp)

P148 SMS pack Mr. 777777777777 taman negara 34353 tyr 0125464744
p444 5345 54454 Others 345345345353 ertwe 4534534534
p148 + SMS Pack Mdm. 894534953495 mana mana 4532342423

Hopefully these data will not leak to those who are irresponsible. Celcom such a big company but their website is still possible to interrupt, and was hacked, hmm…

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