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Bypass celcom bandwidth limit

Read my share and experience on Bypass celcom bandwidth limit.

I’m sick too with the 5GB (new users 3GB) celcom monthly bandwidth. I usually pay extra money to get extra bandwidth. Celcom doesn’t give up capped speed, they give up crap speed. Sometime with the capped speed, it can’t open Google, that’s joke..

Bypass celcom bandwidth limit

Bypass celcom bandwidth limit

Trick 1 : Disconnect & Reconnect method

This trick is an old school trick, that for now doesn’t work fully. It work in the past but I tell you celcom is smarter than you. This trick give you normal speed for a while (when yo are connected in the beginning) but your speed back to remain capped and need to disconnect to reconnect again.

Trick 2 : Ping of Death method

This is worst. I don’t know who invented this lie, and spread it around. This method work for few months in the past but now no affect anymore. (yet you look like a pro IT person playing around with meaningless CMD)

Do you experiences the faster speed when you are trying to open the celcom customer care website? Because they are excited to see you log in there and order some more bandwidth lol..

So my conclusion is stop trying and waste more time. The best way to Bypass celcom bandwidth limit is to pay more.

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