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Bombs explosion at Jalan Duta

Bombs explosion at Jalan Duta hurt 5 people. Today there were 2 bombs explode by it own happen in Jalan Duta where the crowd assembly for the Perhimpunan 901 bebas Anwar.

The Explosion of the bomb happen after Anwar was freed from the charge. The police forensic team is serious to investigate the hidden bombs placed.

Bombs explosion at Jalan Duta :

bombs jalan duta 3

A car was damaged by the exploded bombs outside the court.

bombs jalan duta 2

The self-made bombs placed near the traffic light, explode and hurt one of the citizen.

bombs jalan duta

A lawyer was injured by the self-made bombs.

Bombs explosion at Jalan Duta, whos idea is this?!

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