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Blogger vs WordPress

We are going to talking about two giant blogging option online, that’s : Blogger &Wordpress. Here’s a sharing by an experienced blogger and also an internet marketer on why he prefer wordpress than blogger.

I’m a big fans of blogspot when I first started blogging. I found that blogger is the best at that time, way better than livejournal,, typepad and so on.. Blogger disadvantage is their limitation of features.  You probably think that now you do not needs the flexibility on wordpress (self hosted blog). Yea that’s what I’ve been through before, still prefer blogspot because it’s easy, stable and most importantly it’s FREE!

Blogger vs WordPress

: WordPress win

# 1. You have full right on the images you uploaded. I lost tons of my blog images when I did something wrong on picasa. See? Gone like that! I’ll have to stick with the rules etc and have no fully control over your stuffs.

# 2. Blogger (blogspot) is for bloggers who think blogging is just for fun, and light weight users. Yeah if you have no plan want to develop a million views daily blog, you should use blogspot. Unlike wordpress, the best open source blogging platform that provide a lots of flexibility and customization as well.

# 3. Blogger for me is just like a static HTML page, nothing more. Unlike wordpress I can add my own plugins, functions, homepage custom design to make a more unique blog. WordPress improved my programming skill!

# 4. WordPress boosted my knowledge on web design in general. You won’t know how a site can be alive even probably you spend 10 years with blogspot. My point is wordpress help bloggers not just being bloggers, but have potential to go to the next level.

# 5. WordPress plugin – a big win over blogspot. More and more new plugin developed each day, since wordpress is a very successful open source software. You can set up a shopping cart system with wordpress, MLM system, referral system, viral plugins etc. I point these out just want to tell you that you should try wordpress because of its rich plugins database.

Blogger vs WordPress. WordPress win, do you have anything to say to make me use back blogspot?

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