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Amway Protein review

My personal opinion to write this entry, Amway Protein review. I’ve read through the facts about Amway Protein powder and have some thoughts want to share.

Amway Protein review

Amway Protein review

Amway Protein is a kind of soy protein. Some claim this source is the best protein. Well actually it’s not. There are various source like egg protein, milk protein, meat protein, fish protein etc, and these different type of protein has its own benefits & advantages. For example milk protein is better for a man who are active in tough training like bodybuilding.

Amway Protein claim protein is a must in our daily life. Yes that’s correct. Protein’s purpose is for our muscle build (vessel, issues etc as well) and it’s so vital, even more essential than others vitamin. But do we lack of consume protein everyday? For me personally I think I don’t need extra protein, as I drink milk occasionally and my favourite is the meat. So Amway Protein probably only the best for those vegetarian.

Amway offer others supplement for health as well. I rather go for their Vitamin C rather than take Amway Protein. Depend on what’s your need, I can find others type of Protein like Whey which I think suite me best because I’m also a bodybuilder. I bet there won’t be a huge change consuming Amway Protein because this is unlike the Vitamin C, which you may feel less to get flu using it.

Some people have great testimonial on this Amway Protein. They claim they solved their gastric problem and have a better night if take a little of it. Come on, that’s a common knowledge. Who doesn’t know simply a milk give a sweeter dream on bed?

Amway Protein review, what’s your thought? For me this product is optional. If you need it, go for it.

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