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Ah Jib Gor Facebook

Ah Jib Gor Facebook ? That’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s new Facebook in Mandarin as another platform to reach out to the wider population in the social media.

Ah Jib Gor

“Ah Jib Gor”, which means “Brother Najib” in Chinese, was created to give Najib another platform to get social media users to know him as a person.

“Ah Jib Gor went online yesterday (Monday). This is going to complement or supplement his existing social media website. We know some Chinese people know both English and Chinese. We want a more effective kind of interaction across the various communities in the country,” said the prime minister’s political secretary, Wong Nai Chee.

He said the Chinese Facebook was meant to be apolitical, such as touching on Najib’s hobbies and other non-political matters.

“He already has other social media which touch on politics. He will not take initiative to post political matters on his Chinese Facebook even though he can’t stop people from posting about politics on the site,” he said.

Wong explained the name, “Ah Jib Gor”, was chosen as it was a popular name given to  Najib by social media users and the Chinese population, at large, even before the Chinese Facebook site was created.

Is this the Ah Jib Gor that the news mention Ah Jib Gor Facebook ??

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