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Adsense CTR tips

Google Adsense now becoming widely popular, thus one of the most asked question about Adsense is how how to improve Adsense income. Higher CTR (click through rate) = higher earning. This time we would like to talk about Adsense CTR tips.

Basically there is a certain logical principles :

# 1. Google adsense first theorem – Only clicks that make money. This means that your ads must have the users to see first to have max CTR. Then the following factors that may be considered:

  (1) the location of ad placement

  (2) color of the advertisement

  (3) the size of advertisement block 

  (4) The page views of the ad, or call impressions.


# 2. Google adsense second theorem – Any method of cheating and deception are not feasible.

You won’t last long for this business especially doing business with a giant and smart company – the Big G which is strict to protect their advertiser and company reputation. Many blackhat methods died from time to time. It’s not worth to try to cheat to make money with Adsense.


Adsense CTR tips

1) use of custom channel. Channel allows users to know which placement of the ads in your website to have the best performances.

2) use of URL channel. URL channel to split the total earning by displaying per site’s earning. This is good to find out which site that cannot perform, this identify the problem that might be on the theme, ad block, color etc.

3) Use Google analytic to identify especially the traffic sources of your website. Traffic from referral perform poorer than the organic search engine traffic. Try to do better seo for your site.


Adsense CTR tips in conclusion = keep testing. This is a but golden tips by Google themselves. You must understand your behaviour in order to optimize the CTR.


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