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Wireless ad hoc network (laptop to laptop)

Sometime when we travel along with how laptop, we may want to know how to set up wireless ad hoc network, means connection of a laptop to another laptop or more together.

Purpose? Let say there’s no wifi connection, but a friend of mine can online with his wireless card or modem, so I want to share the internet with him.

Wireless ad hoc network (laptop to laptop)

In the wireless wireless connection properties:
1. Press ”Add”
2. In the network name > enter SSID name or network name
3. Set the key of security if necessary, if not just set to disable.
4. Check ”This is a computer …..”
5. Press ”OK”
6. Press the ”Continue anyway”

Done. Now other computers can view and connect to your computer even without the need for a wireless LAN or any router.

* click image to view full size

Note that in order share an internet connection, in network connections > select your connection > right click, properties>advanced> search the Internet Connection Sharing.

Set up a wireless ad hoc network (laptop to laptop), pretty easy uh? Hope this help and solve your problem.

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