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Teen involved in loan shark program

KUALA LUMPUR –  A 15 yeas old teen was among the 409 people who involved in borrowing money from illegal loan sharks (Ah Long), according to complaints received by MCA Public Complaints Bureau this year.

The bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong said it is serious that youngsters stuck with these syndicate. He lamented the attitude of the borrower which have already settle the debt to not try to borrow again even though the bureau has gave the advises. Datuk Chong also criticized the act of making shark family members of borrowers as victims if they do not get back payments from the borrowers themselves. He said such a loan shark should not make the family as a target borrower if the borrower fails to pay the debt.

“If we are to judge, look for the borrowers themselves and their families are not troublesome,” he told reporters here Monday.

Chong said the bureau had received complaints about their families victimized borrowers and loan shark hunt after failing to find the borrower to collect debt. He said the lender often try various tricks to escape from debts.

“We hope that the borrower knows how to deal with their debt problems and does not make family members as victims,” he added. He also advised for the youngster as well as the teen, do not involve in any loan shark program for future good.

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