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Teacher start to work at 9 AM

There will be around 5 thousand of teachers are going to start their work at 9AM starting next year, 2012. However only the chosen school and the teachers from 4 states involve in this experiment, which are Pahang, Melaka, Johor & Sarawak.

However,  National Union of Teaching (NUTP) do not agree with the implementation of the teachers work on 9 o’clock morning because:

  • Any teachers work 9 hours later feared to be more depressed after they are forced by changes in the new working hours which will interfere with their work at school
  • Teachers’ implementation of work 9 hours as like other civil servants in the office can not be applied in school education
  • Teachers have many duties. They are not only teachers but also teachers burdened with clerical duties including filling out the form and so on.
  • At times teachers had to work Saturday and Sunday for the uniformed body activities, sports and extra classes


Hope this trial eventually result will not come out with the controversy like the language use for teaching Science and Math case.

Teacher start to work at 9 AM, what is your point of view? Like this post to disagree (you jealous the teachers can wake up late! : P)

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