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Steve Jobs wasn’t Time Person of The Year 2011

Person of The Year 2011 by the Time Magazine is a protestor. Steve Jobs wasn’t Time Person of The Year 2011.

Steve Jobs wasn't Time Person of The Year 2011

Time Magazine on Wednesday announced this year’s “Person of the Year” wasn’t the Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) who had passed away in October this year missed again with this honour.

Time Magazine said that a Tunisia hawker is doing the self-immolation in public , yet no one would think this would lead to this year’s wave of protests sweeping the globe. In 2011, protesters not only sent their grievances voice, but also changed the world.

  ”Time” magazine “Person of the Year” Award began in 1927, awarded to those who give the world’s political, cultural, economic, scientific and technological significant impact on individuals and groups. Last year’s “Person of the Year” awarded to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg).

      According to “Steve Jobs Biography” by Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson) writes, Jobs has since “Person of the Year” and “Time” tension. In 1982, Steve Jobs is that he was definitely the year’s “Person of the Year” and even do the acceptance speech of preparation; but “Time” magazine will eventually be the year’s “Person of the Year” award a personal computer, which makes Steve Jobs is very disappointed.

      According to the book records, Jobs recalls: “Time Magazine sent me magazine by courier, I opened the package, full of hope to see their faces appear on magazine covers, but the result was that the PC. I disappointed, could not help but burst into tears. ”

  However, the Time Magazine in “the dead people” (Fond Farewell) column, the author pay tribute to Steve Jobs. Article wrote: “Steve Jobs has said it will make everyone will love the phone, this is the idea to build the iPhone. Jobs know their products and technology will change people’s lives.”

  In addition, the Time Magazine is now also rank the Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) in 2011 as the “important people” (People Who Mattered), who have leadership to continues the road to success of Apple.

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