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Order Awek berbayar

Awek berbayar refer to prostitutes.  The Malaysian are not excluded to start knowing how to find their ‘awek berbayar’ online. The raising of web 2.0 & the social media make the ‘providers’ easily to hook up their customers.

A blog offer ‘awek berbayar’ services in Subang Jaya, Malaysia has been detected and been taken down by the Police.

Order awek berbayar :



Few months later they are back to their ‘awek berbayar’ illegal business track to hook up customer using Facebook. However the small community on Facebook is hard to dig out because the members play strict to give access only if you are interested to order some ‘awek berbayar’. The admin of the group believed are the providers, offering awek berbayar by providing the group member flyers and awek berbayar details.

The public have the responsibility to cooperate with the authority to stop these awek berbayar online services, but it still rely on the police efficiency to handle these.

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