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I am still a Muslim said Ariff

KUALA LUMPUR – Ariff Alfian Rosli, former Malaysian students studied medicine in Ireland declined to comment on the news that he had married a foreign man.


The media contacted Ariff  in Ireland, asserting that he is still a Muslim, does not embrace any other religion and remained as a Muslim until the end of his life.

“I do not embrace to others religion, I am still a Muslim and will remain Muslim until my death. There is nothing that can shake my faith.” he told the media today.

Ariff also explained that he had not contacted his parents for few years reason is he has some misunderstanding with his father. He claim that he has regular contact with other siblings.

“I had some misunderstanding with my father in 2009 … so I was reported missing, but I was always in relation to other family members,” he said.

The wedding is believed to take place in a church outside of Malaysia and Ariff was dressed Malay, in black with gold color.

Ariff contacted by the media in Ireland also denied that he was ‘lost’ and insists he has immigrated legally in Ireland.

In addition, Ariff also claim that he inadvertently attract the attention of the public and media, he do not want to provoke controversy or problems, particularly to his family in Malaysia.


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