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How “Handsome men” scam

How “Handsome men” scam? The handsome men here refer to those victim of ID theft, their handsome picture used by the scammers to hook and scam dollar online. Recent report shows few of African scammer succeed to scam over 1 billion in Malaysia.

How the “Handsome men” scam :

Firstly they will use ‘completed pack’ of stolen handsome men pictures to fake up their Facebook profile picture.

They will hunt the females as target.



Then after a period of time, they will say to the target they want to send something like cash or expensive goods as gift. They will show what they are going to give usually.


A beg of fake money found by the Police, believed this was use to show to the target to gain their trust.

But they will excuse and claim that their stuff has some trouble of processing or blocked by the authority. They call the target to deposit some money to solve the problem.


They are gone when the payment made to them.

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