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Gaji SBPA 2012

Salary SBPA 2012 (Gaji SBPA 2012) will be out soon just because of Supply Bill 2012 has already passed in the House of Representatives on 23/11/2011 at 10:33pm.


The new wage system SBPA 2012 are:

1) Pay Scheme SBPA New 2012: “Exit Policy”

Any civil servant who is not able to carry out the duties assessed physically and mentally, will be advised to stop . While the government employees who excel, but because there is no promotion positions in the organization, you are advised to retire with an ever-lucrative perks.

However, for those who are in the premier management is somewhat less secure. This achievement will be measured based on the outcomes & effects, not the output as before.


2) New 2012 SBPA Salary Scheme: Grading Review Job There will be a variety of grade levels as follows (roughly):

  • Premiere
  • JUSA
  • Higher Education Management
  • Management and Professional
  • Implementer

If the grade included Premier and Implementation is a new grade was created to create a category of my servants who have been graded according to the needs of the organization.

Meaning, if taken once the grade under the Executive, a person who is currently only serving as guides, being friends is multiskilling, able to do extra work such as the craftsman brew coffee, photostat artisans, craftsmen, type, lift artisans and other phones this year.


3) New Salary Scheme SBPA 2012. Rating Score Civil Servants

For the SBPA new wage system, the evaluation will determine the salary of civil servants . Will be evaluated roughly as follows:

  • Scores above 95% – 15% salary increase is
  • Score 85% -95% – 8% salary increase is
  • Score 75% – no increase
  • Score 70% – recommended end service


4) Salary SBPA New 2012: the New Salary System

According to the formula used in the Public Service Department (PSD) after conducting the study, roughly, the salary of civil servants beginning from the office of NSC are as follows:

  • Secretary of State – RM50, ooo
  • Premier – RM40, 000
  • JUSA C – RM12, 000
  • Management & Professional – RM6, 000
  • Implementation – RM3, 000

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