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Download Ombak Rindu Movie

Look for link to Download Ombak Rindu Movie? Ombak Rindu a Malay movie just raised 10 millions after 7 days of screening in cinema.


Download Ombak Rindu Movie

No links, just Ombak Rindu synopsis :

Izzah (Maya Karin), an orphan girl that the mother and father’s deaths from road accidents. Thus, the father of his brother, Taha, take on the preserve Izzah. At the same time, Uncle Taha heavily in debt. Because of money he is willing to sell Izzah to a nightclub boss. That’s where he met with a client named Hariz (Aaron Aziz). Hariz willing to ‘buy’ Izzah with the high price of the club’s boss and want to bring him out of that hell.

At the request Izzah, eventually married Izzah Hariz, but on condition that they must be kept confidential. The presence of Amylia Mila, the son of Tan Sri Rashdan, a model and actress Izzah country threaten the nascent love to Hariz.

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