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Don’t place laptop on thigh

Don’t place your laptop on upper thigh, never practice that! Laptop user who like to put the laptop on the thigh may need to rethink that habit because it can cause burning skin syndrome, according to a team of researchers from Switzerland in a recent article published by the journal.

laptop on thigh1 

Syndrome that causes uneven skin color and spots due to exposure to the heat, for a long time.

laptop on thigh

In one recent case, a 12-year-old boy experiencing these symptoms in the left thigh after he was playing video games several hours a day in the next few months.

Other cases involved a law student from Virginia, United States (U.S.) who had sought treatment after his legs have the same problem. Dr. Students attending the Kimberley Salkey was shocked to find he complete the task by using a laptop that is placed on the thigh for six hours a day.. The temperature at the bottom of the computer can reach 52degrees Celsius!

Although generally harmless, it is, however, can cause permanent skin darkening.
According to Dr. Andreas Arnold and Peter ITIN from the University Hospital Basel, skin damage can cause skin cancer. Don’t place laptop on thigh.


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