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Disable photo tagging on Facebook

I hate when people tag me nonsense pictures. Tag me, actually spam me with their offer or promotion to sell me clothes! I no buy your cheap clothes you know! or some herbs, health & anti-aging products..

Disable photo tagging on Facebook

They are annoying, even you remove them, still there are another person tag you, because they no money to open shop, just spam people on Facebook, I guess?


Disable photo tagging on Facebook :

  • Click on Account drop down menu and then select Privacy Settings.
  • Now scroll down and click on Customize Settings. Scroll to the Things Others Share section and click Edit Settings near Suggest photos of me to friends. Now a dialogue box will appear as in the picture above. Just click on the drop down arrow near Enabled and change it to disabled.
  • That’s it. Now photos of you won’t be automatically tagged.

That’s all! They will no longer can find you to tag for their pictures. Like this post if you enjoy this tips!


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