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Cerita lucah Melayu

Cerita lucah Melayu’ is trending this year (2011) in Malaysia on google insight search. Ranked top means there’s consistent searches on this keyword – ‘cerita lucah Melayu’.

Recent years few cerita lucah blog has been found and running underground. Malaysia authority is strictly ban this kind of websites but the new sites (blog) were host in blogger, thus hard to pull down. ‘Cerita lucah Melayu’ title blogged with lucah content in form of article but still serve porn ads which have adult visuals.


Cerita Melayu lucah keyword believed will continue to raise in year 2012. Besides that, the raise of social media like twitter & facebook also contribute and encourage the unmoral ‘dig’  & search like cerita lucah, 18sx story, lucah Melayu, lucah pictures etc.

However there’s also a good sign when ‘Cerita Melayu’, a site to download Malay Movies get top search queries too. But should this consider as the good news? Our local movie industry should concern on this because recent years, more and more great released  Malay movies are available download online.

What make Malaysia to search cerita lucah? According to a health site, it relieves stress.

An enormous health advantage of intercourse is lower blood pressure and overall stress reduction, based on researchers from Scotland who reported their findings within the journal Organic Psychology. They studied 24 girls and 22 males who saved records of their sexual activity. Then the researchers subjected them to aggravating situations – similar to speaking in public and doing verbal arithmetic – and noted their blood pressure response to stress.

Those that had intercourse had better responses to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behaviors or abstained. One other study printed in the same journal discovered that frequent intercourse was related to lower diastolic blood strain in cohabiting participants. Yet different research discovered a hyperlink between associate hugs and decrease blood pressure in women.

So seem cerita lucah can improve health. Wish our people hit the record, being a healthy community and country.

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