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Awek impian – Melayu cun

Awek impian the another breakout search in google insight and those searches has been confirmed will continue to raise in the coming year, 2012 as in the December of 2011, the trend reach the peak.

Awek impian blog have most of the ‘Melayu cun’ as their collection :


Awek impian indirectly a blog for adult visual entertainment..


Awek Melayu cun, the new way of entertainment by the local? It seem a big yes when the social networking site like Facebook appeared to have many awek cun profiles but in the same time having others awek impian and cun in their friend list.


Awek impian post whoever even Melayu with ‘tudung’..


The awek impian blog hit hundred of users online, you cannot denied there is a big audience, which they not coming from Indonesia. The awek impian blog released many private pictures of our local girls. Most of the contents is not suitable, and meaningless except for those who use it for ‘entertainment’.


Awek impian post all race of girls..


There are over 300 plus awek impian pictures that has been posted and believed were grabbed from Facebook. The worst case is these private personal pictures from Facebook were lined up, posted together with some prostitutes & sex workers photos.


Awek impian believed grab pictures without owner attention..


If you have images that been stolen and were posted in awek impian site, you should not hesitate to contact the CyberSecurity Malaysia to claim your right. The ‘juicy’ ads served in that site also indirectly exploit and seem make legal these negative material online.

Looking for Awek impian? Don’t dream them online, choose wisely offline a smarter choice :P

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