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Ariff gone gay with Jonathan

Ariff gone gay with Jonathan? This believed to be the first Gay Malaysian marriage in the history.

Ariff and Jonathan

Ariff Alfian Rosli, a student sponsored by PETRONAS to study in UK but reported gone by his parent after shifted to continue study in UCD (University College Dublin). Now Ariff reported ‘married gay’ with his partner Jonathan.

The story line :

Mr. Rosli, father to Ariff said

“Due to financial problems, I suggest Ariff to pursue his studies in Malaysia, but he refused because the intention is to graduate in UCD but until now, my wife and I fail to meet with Ariff and tried to contact him despite numerous efforts over the past three years,”

Mr Rosli now faced with the law suit to pay back PETRONAS  RM890, 000 as he the first guarantor.

“How would I have enough money to pay that much money in my pension. It’s enough our family suffered the loss of Ariff, we are now faced with the law suit,” he said.

Some pictures of Ariff during the wedding with a gay named Jonathan in Ireland :

Ariff and Jonathan5

Ariff and Jonathan3

Ariff and Jonathan2

Why Ariff avoid to contact with his family members? What will the Malaysian think of the gay marriage of Ariff and Jonathan?

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