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Apple’s growing rate

5 years past, Apple was already a very successful company with their iPod & Mac, having 24 billion revenue per year. During that time they haven’t come out with their iPhone & iPad.

In year 2011 first summer, Apple gain 60 billion renevue with the iPhone & iPad.

Below is a chart showing Apple’s growing rate compare to others company :


Some interesting key points:
Apple’s market value is 5.3 times in 2006;
Google is now worth 1.4 times in 2006;
Oracle’s market value is 2.3 times in 2006;
Microsoft grew by only 8% from 2006;

Apple’s revenues are increasing and their profit is always growing, along with selling their products, their user base has continued to expand. We have to say that iOS devices has made an incredible success in year 2011.

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