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A month-old baby raped

LONDON: Police yesterday tried to block the public from the trial during the night rally that has created chaos after a month-old baby was reported raped and beaten almost to death.


The baby suffered severe injuries including broken arm, broken collar bone, lung injuries and bruises all over his body. According to reports, all ribs broken bones. More surprisingly, there are reports stating the baby was also injured in the genitalia, was believed to have been raped.

Messages from Facebook unveiled the plan to held the ceremony to pray for the safety of the baby, which is believed to be victims of the worst child abuse cases in Britain.

A man and a woman from Gravesend, Kent, was arrested over the incident.

One group wrote in Facebook: “Prison criminals who rape and beat a month-old baby in Gravesend.”

A woman added: “We are shocked by this incident and wanted to express our support for the child by holding a special ceremony for him tonight. “

However, last night, he showed signs of recovering after being transferred to a hospital in London.

Police also send forensic experts to examine a house in Gravesend. Neighbours said a man and a woman living in the house. They are deemed as friendly. A neighbour, however, said he heard people fighting at the house.

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